funkis sale

Why we can not refund or exchange sale items:

funkis is a very small business that proudly produce all of our funkis own products in either Sweden or Australia ( which is very costly) .At the same time we also try to keep our prices as low as possible,  so our margins are very tight . This means that we do not have the setup to handle exchanges during sales. If we were to we would have to factor this in to the price and we would have to charge much more for our products in the first place or not have sales at all.  In addition to this, to make sales possible we ship sale items out of our warehouse, which are not set up to handle free exchanges or refunds.

Please keep in mind that the size guide is only a guide as it does not matter how accurate the guide is,  there is always a risk of the item not satisfying to the customer.  This is why we tell our customer that we do not refund or exchange during sales,  to make sure they are aware of the risks involved shopping during sales. 

About funkis own design collection during sales: 

We do not put current season on sale,  only previous seasons. We never put tanseasonal products on sale unless it is discontinued.