910 ester clog high light cognac with brown base

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funkis 910 Ester clog high, in Veggie Light Brown with brown base



The Ester clog is fast becoming a Funkis favourite! A slim fit, the 910 features a 7cm heel, stained timber wood base, Rubber grip sole & is made from carefully selected, high quality vegetable tanned leather. You can style the Ester clog with skirts & dress' in summer or tights and trousers in cooler months, making it the perfect shoe all year round!

1. For this style we used a heavier style of vegetable dyed leather, this will make the shoe slightly smaller so we suggest you go up a size in this style.  We also suggest you soften the leather by "clog massage". 
2. This rich, thick  leather ages beautifully into a deeper cognac colour. With time the leather softens and shapes itself around your foot to a perfect fit. To speed up the process of the leather softening we recommend you to "massage" the leather around the edges. This will make the leather soften quicker and find the shape of your foot to create your personal perfect fit. 

Funkis clogs & sandals are made in Sweden using locally sourced timber. Our clogs are an easy fit & very comfortable to wear.

  • 7CM HEEL 

funkis is an Australian design company based in Sydney with strong Swedish influences. Part of our range is some of the best Swedish and Scandinavian designs complemented by our own collection of clothing, shoes and accessories. 

The word Funkis is an abbreviation of the Swedish word "funktionalism" which refers to the Functionalist style developed in the early 20 century. It was not only an architectural and furniture concept, it represented a whole new movement "to change the world". Everything was to be changed, the whole society, from town planning, architecture, furniture down to the very way people lived. The world at this point had a very positive outlook on the future and the big change industrialisation could bring to not only the rich but everyone in society.

For world famous Swedish Architects like Gunnar Asplund, a lot of what he did was built on his love for the democracy. He believed that the way the cities were built in the future should benefit everyone, to give everyone "a place in the sun" (“funkis stilen som byggde Sverige” Ingrid Sommar. Forum). This thinking is the very base for “funkis Swedish forms” as a business idea.

funkis own design

The funkis ethos is based around customers who now demand style and sustainability, not only within the manufacturing process, but also within every aspect of a business. By manufacturing our clothing & jewellery in Australia, bags & shoes in Sweden, we can rely on Australia’s (and Sweden’s) industrial policies in combination with our own approach to a more sustainable business model, this way we can assure certain ethical standards are met.

Most of our design is deliberately timeless, our clogs and sandals have been part of our collection since 1996. We produce small runs to respond to demand from our customers and to create minimal wastage. We use sustainable sourced materials for our clogs and bags and end of runs fabrics for our clothing collection. Excellent quality in both design and material is essential to funkis and makes it possible for us to create a product our customers can wear for a long time.   

foot length mmAU sizefunkis sizeEU sizeUK sizeUS size
212 4 35 35 2 4
220 5 36 36 3 5
229 6 37 37 4 6
237 7 38 38 5 7
246 8 39 39 6 8
254 9 40 40 7 9
262 10 41 41 8 10
270 11 42 42 9 11
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