Meet The Makers - The Fortynine Studio

Meet The Makers - The Fortynine Studio

Meet The Makers - The Fortynine Studio

Our stores are currently full of amazing ceramic treasures which have been hand-made with love in Sydney by The very talented people at the Fortynine Studio. funkis was recently lucky enough to meet with some of the creative kids (Sarah and Harriett) who very kindly came by to give us some insight in to their beautiful ceramic creations we also asked them some questions about who they are and what they do.

What is the forty-nine studio and who's involved?
The Fortynine Studio was founded by five members and is built on the concept of collaborative design. Designers Ben Elbourne, Sarah Spackman and Harriet Watts continue to design, develop and make work across a range of materials and disciplines including ceramics, textiles, paper and metal, generally at a human scale, to wear, or for the home.

How did you guys all meet?
We all studied Design at the College of Fine Arts in Sydney. We worked together, became great friends, developed our practice alongside one another, and came to respect each others work and design process (in various permutations of that order)!

Where do you get your artistic inspiration from?
Probably our most significant source of joy, rejuvenation and inspiration is the natural world, and the Australian landscape in particular. Though it's mostly enough to put us in a room together with a pencil and paper and the conversation gets filled with inspiring and some times ridiculous possibilities. We all have rich experiences to draw from and a strong sense of purpose, so we're never short on ideas.

What's your best advice for creative people who want to run their own business?
Creativity is only one small aspect of running a business. It's hard work and you sacrifice a lot, but if you can make it work it's really rewarding. If you're going to do it, be organised, make deliberate decisions about what you're doing and why, and get people on board to help you with planning outside your areas of expertise.

What music do you listen to in the studio?
Oh, all sorts of things. Actually, we often work without music. This week when we've been in making mode we've been listening to Koori radio.

Which is your favourite ceramic piece from the fortynine studio collection?
Our Flip Flop Slip pasta bowls are an all-time favourite. We all have sets of these at home and eat off them every day.

Studio images © Jacqui Turk

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