Fika Swedish Kitchen

Fika Swedish Kitchen

Fika Swedish Kitchen

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Fika Swedish Kitchen haunt comes with all the hallmarks of popular Scandinavian interior design. It’s a light, airy space with untreated woodwork and industrial fixtures, peppered with canary yellow accents. Meanwhile, the menu features homemade fare and authentic recipes.

But what is fika? The Swedish concept is all about the ritual of taking a break and a bite to eat. “It’s a moment to relax, to catch up with your family and laugh with your friends… It’s the time between meals, the place between destinations,” says co-founder Sophie Zetterberg.

Try Fika’s traditional dishes prepped by a bona fide Swedish chef. A breakfast might take the form of crispbread with egg and fish roe spread (an ingredient you may have spotted in a tube at IKEA), while lunch might be meatballs with beetroot relish.

Open sandwiches are topped with traditional combos like skagen (poached prawns smothered with a mayo, dill and lemon mixture) and gravlax atop crushed boiled eggs with black caviar. Pair that with refreshing elderflower saft (that’s cordial to us), imported Swedish teas or Campos coffee. If you’re keen on something sweet, try a slice of gooey kladkakka mud cake, or one of the sugar-dusted cinnamon buns brought to the counter as they’re baked.

Review quoted from The Broadsheet

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