Behind the brand: Zakkia

Behind the brand: Zakkia

Behind the brand: Zakkia

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One of the newest labels to feature at funkis is Sydney-based homewares brand
whose chic, Scandinavian-inspired accessories are both timeless and
of-the-minute in
their appeal.

Designer and founder Sara Lundgren grew up in Sweden and named the label
her grandmother on her father's side. “He was born in Egypt and, sadly, I only
met my
grandmother once before she passed away," she says. “I never got to know
her, but
I wanted the brand to have a name that meant something. I like the sound
and uniqueness
of Zakkia – and it's also my sister's middle name."

Inspired by architecture, her Swedish upbringing and the shapes, colours and
textures in nature, Sara strives to keep her designs, “as simple as possible and
let the
material speak for itself". Concrete is a favourite because, “it is so raw and
and so versatile," she says. “I have seen our concrete pieces used in very
homes, bright and colourful homes and country-style homes, and they
work equally well."

Zakkia's concrete range was three years in the making, with Sara experimenting
with the
material in her own home first, then later with the pottery in Vietnam
she currently
works with. “Initially I liked the look of the concrete, but didn't
like how porous and brittle my
homemade creations were," she says. “Together with
our pottery in Vietnam, we started working
on the perfect material composition for
this range. The final result is a careful mix of concrete,
polystone and stone powder.
This makes the products a lot stronger and waterproof without
losing the concrete feel."

Sara reveals more about Zakkia and her design ethos here, in our quick Q&A.

1. What are some of your favourite Zakkia pieces and why?
"I love the Dala horse, probably because I feel they are very connected to my
Scandinavian heritage. It is such an iconic Swedish handicraft piece and I actually
lived in Dalarna – the area in Sweden where the Dala Horses originate from – for
a few years. The Dala Horses were originally carved in wood, painted in colourful
patterns and used as toys."

2. Zakkia products are designed to co-exist – what are your tips for creating
beautiful displays at home?
"My tip is to use things that you like and not worry too much about trends or whether
they go good together. I think if you do this you will inevitably end up with a great
display in your home. I also think that less is more – I regularly got through the items
I have on display in my home and de-clutter."

3. What are some of your favourite daily rituals?
"The first thing I do when I wake up is lie in bed for a few minutes to check my
Instagram feed. I follow a lot of creative people on Instagram, and like to start my day
by getting this creative injection. Seeing what everyone else has been up to is super
motivating, and after this I'm ready to start my day!

My days are usually super hectic, I could be at a catalogue shoot in the morning,
designing on the next collection midday, and managing shipping schedules and
customs clearance in the afternoon. Sometimes (when I have crazy days) I forget
to stop and eat, so I always make sure I have a good breakfast. I usually make
myself a smoothie in the morning (my favourite at the moment is Banana/
Avocado/Mint) before I leave for the office, and then have a second breakfast
when I get into the office."

4. When you're not at work, where might we find you?
"Running my own business means I work a lot, and long hours too. I live close to the
beach in Bondi so when I can, I try to go down to the beach. I love the beach in winter,
when it is less crowded and the air is a bit cooler."

5. And finally, what do you love about being stocked at funkis?
"funkis in Paddington is one of my favourite shops in Sydney! I have a little collection
of your clogs at home and love walking into your store, it makes me feel like home.
I'm super excited to have my range stocked in store!"

Discover our range of Zakkia in-store.

Images: Zakkia & funkis Instagram

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