how to care for your funkis clogs


with the right care your funkis clogs and sandals can last you a lifetime. Here's how: 


  • Be careful with the wooden sole. The wood may chip if it is knocked into something. We do not offer replacements or refunds for chipped clogs unless there is a clear fault with the product. 


  • Ankle Straps: Open the buckle when taking shoes on or off to prevent the nail from breaking and to assure the shape of the leather strap.   

  • If you want the natural coloured leather to be more resistant to moisture and dirt, you can treat the leather carefully with a small amount of olive oil or similar protection (we also recommend vaseline or a clearshoe polish). This will give the leather a darker tone and a looks great! The natural coloured leather clogs may also be tanned in the sun to create the same effect.  

  • The unpainted wooden soles can also be treated with a small amount of olive oil or similar to make them more resistant to moisture and dirt and give them a nice look.


  • The shoes will last longer if you re-sole them regularly. The rubber sole can easily be replaced at your local shoe repair shop. We strongly advise not to use the shoes without a rubber sole since the wood will wear down very quickly.


  • Dirty shoes can be restored to their former glory by cleaning them carefully with fine sandpaper, and by treating the wood with a small amount of olive oil. Suede leather may be cleaned with a brush. Don’t make the strap too tight. The sandal is a loose fit and is not designed to be strapped tightly to your feet. Strapping your clogs to­o hard may cause the strap to break.



about our shoes

funkis shoes are handmade and individual. That means that no pair is exactly alike. Our shoes have been hand-manufactured in the county of Småland in the same way for over thirty years, using natural grained leather and sustainable plantation timber.

 - The leather may seem hard in the beginning but will soften with wear. Due to the organic nature of the material, it vary in colour, texture and thickness.

 - The natural coloured leather is completely untreated and very sensitive to moisture and dirt. The natural coloured leather WILL darken with time.

 - The coloured leather can rub off on other items if it gets wet.

- Although the wood is hard and durable, it can be a fragile material if not treated right. Therefore the wood may chip if you should knock into something.

- There may be twigs in the wood and it may vary in colour.

- The colour on the wooden sole will wear off with time but can easily be re-painted.

- The funkis label on the sole may wear off. If this happens you can remove the glue with nail polish removal. Please contact us if you wish to replace the stickers. 



size guide 



5 35 23            
6 36 23.5            
7 37 24            
8 38 24.5            
9 39 25            
10 40 26            
11 41 27            
12 42 27.5            
Please note all of our clogs are handmade and will vary slightly in size. This guide is an approximation only. If you would like some extra help with sizing and which style would best suit your foot, please email  
To measure your foot stand on a level floor with the back of your heels against the wall      
* Measure your foot length by placing a ruler flat on the floor alongside the inside of your foot from your heal to your toes

Place an object with a flat edge straight across your toes with the edge touching the tip of your longest toe. Take the measurement (in cms) from the ruler where the flat edge crosses (see image below). This is your foot length measurement.


If you find that your foot length is halfway between sizes, then we would suggest selecting the larger size.