size guide 

funkis SHOE SIZES  

foot length mm                AU size   funkis size EU size    UK size   US size 
 212 4 35 35  4
 220 5 36  36 
 229 6 37  37 
 237 7 38  38
 246 8 39  39 
 254 9 40  40 
 262 10 41  41  10 
 270 11 42  42  11 
Please note that our 5cm low heel clog is a wider fit. Customers with a narrow foot may choose to go down a size in these styles but most important is to fit the lenght of the foot. If you would like some extra help with sizing and finding a style that best suits your foot, please email 
To measure your foot stand on a level floor with the back of your heels against the wall      
* Measure your foot length by placing a ruler flat on the floor alongside the inside of your foot from your heal to your toes

Place an object with a flat edge straight across your toes with the edge touching the tip of your longest toe. Take the measurement (in mm) from the ruler where the flat edge crosses (see image below). This is your foot length measurement.


If you find that your foot length is halfway between sizes, then we would suggest selecting the larger size.