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5 Autumn beauty must-haves

5 Autumn beauty must-haves
By funkis Swedish Forms 12 March 2015 1323 Views No comments

LA Bruket

Your wardrobe may be celebrating the change of season, but autumn's drying winds, artificial
heating and heavier foods can all wreak havoc on skin. The solution? Effective beauty products
that nourish, hydrate and repair.

Made with natural and certified organic ingredients, Swedish beauty brand L:A Bruket has a
wonderful range of body products that nurture and protect skin from the elements. Made in
Varberg on the west coast of Sweden, the products are inspired by sea and salt, as well as the
aromatic and healing properties of the essential oils they contain.

Our five must-buys for the new season:


1. No. 83 L:A Bruket Rope Soap – Sage/Rosemary/Lavender
This handy soap-on-a-rope is made with a rich blend of vegetable oils that work to
soften and nurture skin. Sage and rosemary essential oils help to clean and stimulate
blood circulation, while the heady scent of lavender soothes and calms.

LA Bruket Saltbad
2. No. 65 L:A Bruket Salt Bath – Mint

Throw a handful of this sea salt-based soak in the bath and feel your body relax and repair.
The sweet scent of mint also works to revive the senses.

LA Bruket Saltbad

3. No. 93 L:A Bruket Body Lotion – Bergamot

Bergamot has astringent properties, meaning it firms and tightens skin, while the
rich mix of coconut oil, cocoa butter and shea butter nourish and feed normal to dry skin.

LA Bruket Jojoba

4. No. 47 L:A Bruket Jojoba OIl

A perfect face or body pick-me-up – this unscented, certified organic jojoba oil
absorbs quickly and easily into skin, delivering intense moisture, fast. Use it as
a body oil or as a luxe complement to your daily cleansing routine.

LA Bruket lips

5. No. 17 L:A Bruket Lip Balm – Almond/Coconut

Don't leave home without this smooth and long-lasting lip balm, which blends
organic almond and coconut oils with beeswax and vitamin E. Great for chapped
or wind-beaten lips.

Main image: Malin Lindner

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